No Bull!

Well, it’s official! We’re bull-less at MikNik Farms! At least temporarily… Barry and Prince Oxford left us last Friday. They’re off to the Bluegrass State and a new crop of ladies! Hope they enjoy their new digs.

As for us, now is a time for fence repairing, pasture rotation, and the construction of a new bullpen. We’ll be bringing in a new bull in about 2 weeks to start the new breeding season. We’ve got him lined up. We just need to get his new housing situation squared away.

What I’ve learned from Barry and Ox:
1. The stereotypical cartoon bull isn’t always an accurate depiction of a bull. At least not those two – they were actually pretty gentle most of the time.
2. When duty calls, no fence or gate will stand between a boy and his girls. I’ve seen these guys standing jump a pasture fence and crumple a gate with the least bit of effort.
3. Breaking the cycle of pasture breeding is like trying to spit against the wind. Once the breeding cycle is off, the only sure way to get back on schedule is to completely remove the bull(s) from the premises.

Well, hope the new guy works out. He’ll have his hands full with this group!


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